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About Pinched Nerves


Tunnel Syndromes

A “pinched nerve” is usually not a pinched nerve at all. Usually this feeling occurs when a nerve is irritated or if another underlying condition exists that causes pain.

When your nerves become irritated and inflamed it is because your bones, joints, or muscles are not in their proper place. Subluxation is a specialty of Dr. Wilkerson-Dullenty.

Tunnel syndrome is when a nerve comes compressed or "pinched." Sciatica is a great example. We recommend a combination of methods to treat these problems.

Chiropractic Services

Custom Massage


During your consultation a treatment plan will be devised to provide you with the best possible care. A variety of chiropractic techniques are used to manipulate and adjust the body.

We have licensed massage therapists specializing in therapeutic massage on staff. They use trigger point, deep tissue, traction, and other techniques during massage that can help you.

Most insurance is accepted and we will handle all of the billing for you. If insurance is not an option, affordable payment plans are available.

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